Performance & Risk Management Associate

Paul is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Certified Public Secretary (CPS). He also holds MSc Finance and Investment and Bsc Economics degree. Extensively experienced in tax matters, Business restructuring, feasibility studies financial strategic management. He has worked on parastatals, NGOs, Multinationals, Manufacturing, Counties etc. Family man with one wife and four children.

Specific areas worked on include audit of donor related projects under Adra South Sudan, SIDA and special projects. Others are grants management and Contract Accounting – Assessing various proposals to donors, reviewing donor agreements, operational policies and procedures, and advising project managers on the same. Budgeting – Reviewing grants budgets, monitoring expenditure trends, burn rates, and advising project managers on the same.

Donor Reporting – Overseeing preparation and submission of financial reports to project managers and donor agencies, and ensuring the reports conform to donor policies. Administrative – Overseeing overall management of grants, contracts and budgeting section in finance department.  Mentoring and training of finance staff at sub-offices on budgeting and finance related issues.  Audit – Planning of various audit assignments, supervision of audit teams and client relationship management. Other audit duties included carrying out substantive audit procedures and finalization of audit assignment after field audits. Systems audits and special assignments. Accountancy – Extracting trial balance and preparing financial statements, reconstructing books of accounts and financial transactions.