Business & Financial Advisor

A highly accomplished business, finance and accounts specialist with a 15+ year experience within different departments including helping investors with their long and short-term investment planning by formulating clients’ investment strategies, helping them fulfill their needs and goals. I am highly accustomed at principles, procedures and practices of accounting, managing finances, auditing, financial statement analysis supported by strengths in administration and business operations.  Parts of my expertise include performing financial models to evaluate the direct acquisition of large and midsize companies in a variety of sector including SMEs alongside possessing a strong knowledge of the financial sector and investment climate in different industries including NGOs.

Key Competencies include highly networked and influential individual with the ability to cultivate and retain relationships with a globally diverse group of institutions and individuals; Demonstrated capacity to successfully execute multiple projects simultaneously. An effective team leader with track record of building, leading and training successful teams. Ability to effect creative solutions to financing constraints for SMEs.Expert in executing team-driven process improvements to determine risks, monitoring expenditure, reduce cost and increase revenue growth while ensuring operational efficiency

Areas of Impact: Structuring transactions, Pricing and Term sheet Negotiation, Portfolio Management, Monitoring & Evaluation, Staff Development/Leadership, Orientation and Training of Staff, Post Implementation Reviews, Analytical Problem Solver, Budget Management, Managing Client Relationships, Risk Management, Capacity Development Assistance to Financial Institutions and SMEs, Roll out of new products and financial structures

Education & Professional Qualification: 2018 Level 11 CFA Candidate: MBA (Finance), Nairobi University, 2010: CPS, Strathmore University, 2007: BCom (Accounting), Nairobi University, 2006: CPA, Strathmore University, 1997